Child Dentistry

At Govani Dental, we want children to feel safe and relaxed. We help children who may be fearful of the dentist, whether it is their very first dental visit or they are new to our office. We not only reduce their stress, our child dentistry patients may even have fun during their stay!

What to Expect During Children’s Dental Visits

When children and their families first walk through the door of Govani Dental, they immediately see how we take the stress out of dental visits. Our reception area has an arcade game, pool table, video games and comfortable couches. Our log cabin, perfect for childhood play, is stocked with more games, coloring books and puzzles. Children will likely be greeted by Ruby, our therapy dog, who enjoys saying hello.

During the appointment, we listen to kids, taking time for them to warm up and trust us. We have sun glasses they can wear so our lights do not irritate their eyes. We also offer them an array of tasty tooth polish and fluoride flavors. Dr. Govani even sings to children to help keep them calm!

Because our team is knowledgeable about children’s dental care products and risk factors for decay, we find encouraging ways to make brushing fun. At the end of the appointment, kids get to pick out a toothbrush, sticker and a prize from the treasure box. Our patients tell us they enjoy the visit so much, they cannot wait for their next six-month checkup.

Parents also are sent home with tips on how to ensure their children keep up with good oral hygiene.

When Should a Child Start Going to the Dentist?

We are often asked when children should start visiting the dentist – is it when the first tooth starts coming in or when all the teeth are in? The American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends child dentistry begins when the first tooth starts to poke through the gum, no later than age one.

Bringing children to the dentist early familiarizes them with the staff and office in a positive, non-threatening way. The dentist checks for decay and frenum issues that could affect speech or eating. The dentist also makes sure teeth are coming in when they should.

The dentist or dental hygienist also shares with parents oral hygiene techniques to ensure baby teeth stay healthy, as well as risk factors that could lead to decay. After this initial appointment, Govani Dental recommends children visit every six months for a dental checkup. If your child experiences pain or trauma between appointments, please contact us so we can diagnose and treat the issue.

Start Your Children’s Dental Plan Today

Parents can put their trust in the Govani Dental team. With our extensive experience in child dentistry, you can rest assured we’ll take great care of your child’s dental health. If you are looking for a dentist for your child—or the whole family—give us a call at 920-231-1955.

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