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May 1, 2018

Here at Govani Dental, we are always striving for the very best patient care. If you are looking for someone to trust with dental care for you and your family, you’ve come to the right place. We put our patients’ health, safety and comfort first, holding both our work and staff to the highest standards.

Video Transcript

Dr. Govani: Govani Dental is a family friendly dental office that puts patients first. We have fun, we’re a carefree group, but we take our work and our dentistry very serious. We care a lot about making sure things are done the right way the first time.

Dr. Childs: My favorite thing about working at Govani Dental is how we feel like a family. We all work together well. The hygienists, the assistants, the front office staff, and Dr. Govani and I work together well.

We’re on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to personality. She’s a very go-getter, I’m a little more laid back and relaxed and I think that makes things work well.

Trisha, Registered Dental Hygienist: Dr. Childs is great with kids, he’s very patient and kind. He’s able to connect with them. Dr. Govani is great too, she’s very energetic and happy to see everyone that comes in, she’s almost like a big kid herself when she works with them.

Shana, Patient Coordinator: Both Dr. Govani and Dr. Childs treat every patient as if they are a family.

Dr. Govani: We pride ourselves that we don’t take shortcuts. We do things right the first time and we do it with integrity.

Dr. Childs: The overall philosophy is to do what is best for people; to take care of people, appropriately. Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s a conversation you don’t want to have but the difference it will make in someone’s life is much more impactful if you do it well and do it right.

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