Dental Anxiety and the Fear of the Dentist

Dental Anxiety

How Govani Dental helps relieve fear of the dentist

Our mission: combat dental phobia

Govani Dental’s mission is to be honest and transparent with each patient who walks through the door. Our welcoming atmosphere allows for open communication and zero judgment between patients and providers. We do our best to build patient confidence, especially for those who experience dental anxiety or have a fear of the dentist.

What is dental anxiety or dental phobia?

Dental anxiety or phobia describes a fear, stress or anxiety that becomes apparent within a dental setting. In order to better understand what dental anxiety is, we must look at the causes and signs. Many patients suffer with anxiety with the causes stemming from a fear of pain, negative past experiences and embarrassment. Dr. Govani and her team are a judgement free zone wanting to aid patients to feel safe and respected. Patients often feel they have generalized anxiety or depression. In addition, patients may struggle with feelings of not being in control.

Signs and symptoms of dental anxiety can be an increased nervousness in the waiting room or operatory. Patients with these problems often feel increased sweating or heart rate, visible distress and even difficulty sleeping the night before an appointment. Dr. Govani wants to ensure patients feel safe to share these feelings with her to allow open dialogue and trust. She understands patients can feel vulnerable in the chair or completely avoiding the dentist. Our goal is to help patients overcome these challenges.

What can I do to help my dental anxiety?

Avoiding the dentist can result in progression of dental disease and increase the complexity of treatment. Instead, be honest with yourself and your dentist about your fears. Taking a steps to overcome your fears take time and patience. Using visualization techniques, breathing  deeply and with control and distractions such as music or a stress ball are helpful. In addition, seeking positive reinforcement from family, friends, and your provider will improve the experience. We are here to help and we welcome you to ask questions at all times.

We strongly encourage our patients to visit the dentist for regular check-ups and comprehensive care. This allows us to better monitor any changes in your overall oral health. We can help prevent problems before they arise.

Defeating dental anxiety

Dental anxiety doesn’t have to keep you from achieving your most healthy and beautiful smile. Be sure to communicate openly and honestly with Dr. Govani and her trusted team.

At Govani Dental, you are not alone. We are happy to work with you to ensure a positive and lasting experience. We strive to build your confidence at each appointment and to make you feel comfort in our care. If you have any questions regarding dental anxiety or would like to make an appointment, you can call us at 920-231-1955.