Myofunctional Therapy

Oral Tissue Strengthening & Conditioning

Myofunctional Therapy Program

Our Oshkosh dental office is excited to announce our very own myofunctional therapy program! One of the newer programs here in Oshkosh, we welcome the opportunity to help patients achieve their best in regards to oral tissue strengthening and conditioning.

Young woman doing Myofunctional Therapy tongue exercises.
Myofunctional Therapy tongue exercises.

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy focuses on the tissues of the lips tongue and soft tissues. These important structures like the rest of the body are not always the strongest, or sometimes are too strong. Our therapy sessions focus on four primary goals:

  1. Tongue positioning to the roof of the mouth
  2. Proper nasal breathing
  3. Proper swallowing
  4. Proper lip seal

Allowing us to build better tissue and muscle tonus of the tongue, lips and oral soft tissues can improve quality of sleep, ability to properly swallow and breath to name a few key benefits!

Who Can it Help?

  • Those struggling with tongue position such as lisping or gagging issues with texture of food
  • Those struggling with ability to comfortably wear CPAP
  • Those struggling with mouth breathing
  • Trying to better nasal breath for overhaul health and sports performance
  • Suffering with TMD jaw pain or muscle skeletal pain such as fascial pain and headaches
collage of myofunctional therapy images.

What Are We Screening For?

We are screening for those that will benefit from myofunctional therapy as well as in general screening of frenum attachments that may impede proper speech, tone or function or in infants or toddlers Impeding breastfeeding or food texture intolerances.

How We Can Help!

Our therapy program begins with a comprehensive exam and is typically followed by 10-12 exercise sessions. In addition to in person visits, Govani Dental offers Zoom appointments for busy work and school schedules.

Myofunctional Therapy staff at Govani Dental working with a patient holding a mirror.

Meet Our Providers

Myofunctional Therapy providers at Govani Dental.

Kelly - Registered Dental Hygienist & Dr. Shaheda Govani, DDS

Additional Resources

Looking for more information? Visit The Breathe Institute and Faceology websites.

Govani Dental is a TBI Ambassador Office.

Sarah Hornsby – Faceology

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