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Our pediatric and children’s dentistry services offer families a safe haven for their children to build dental confidence. Dr. Govani wants children to feel safe and relaxed. Her team helps children feel comfortable whether it is their very first dental visit or they they have been coming for years. The goal is to give children confidence and reduce their stress related to coming to the dentist. Our mission for pediatric dental patients is to make the visits fun and establish life long trust.

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When Should a Child Start Going to the Dentist?

Parents have questions about when they should a child start visiting the dentist – is it when the first tooth starts coming in or when all the teeth are in? The American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends bringing our child for an exam when they have their first tooth or no  later than age one years old. This essentially is a well baby exam to start good habits from the beginning for your child.

Early visits to the dentist will instill confidence in your child and establish good home habits. Allowing children positive experiences early on with the dental setting familiarizes them in a positive, non-threatening way. Dr. Govani checks for decay, crowding, gum health and tissue attachment issues that could affect speech or eating. She also makes sure teeth are coming in when they should. Time is spent discussing good oral hygiene options and healthy diet related to food and drinks for your child.

Dr. Govani and her team also share with parents oral hygiene techniques to ensure baby teeth stay healthy, as well as risk factors that could lead to decay. After this initial appointment, Govani Dental recommends children visit every six months for a dental checkup. If your child experiences pain or trauma between appointments, please contact us so we can evaluate and treat the issue.

What to Expect During Children’s Dental Visits

When our pediatric dental patients first walk through the door of Govani Dental, they immediately are greeted by a warm caring environment. Dr. Govani wants to ensure children feel its like walking into her home to visit.

Welcome Home

Our log cabin waiting room gives the feeling of comfort and allows children to feel safe and at ease. The reception area has an arcade game, video games and comfortable couches. Our mini log cabin playhouse is the perfect size for childhood play and is stocked with games, coloring books and puzzles. Children can also meet Ruby or Bobby, our therapy dogs, who enjoys saying hello.

Child playing at Govani Dental.

During The Appointment

We listen to our children patients, taking time for them to warm up and trust us. We have sun glasses they can wear so our lights are not so bright and weighted blankets for children that prefer extra comfort.

Dr. Govani will do her exam and our highly trained dental hygienists will take needs x-rays, clean your child’s teeth and perform preventive treatments for your child. We offer an array of tasty tooth polish and fluoride flavors. Dr. Govani has even been known to sing to children to help keep them calm-or to make them laugh!


Our team is well versed in the most recent dental care products for children and will help educate your family. We will offer options to help reduce risk factors for decay.  In addition, we find encouraging ways to make new home habits and brushing fun. Parents are sent home with tips on how to ensure their children keep up with good oral hygiene and low risk diet options.

At the end of the appointment, each child gets a goody bag with toothpaste, flossers and a new brush. Children get to pick out stickers and a prize from the treasure box as a thank you. Our patients tell us they enjoy the visit so much, they look forward for their next six-month checkup.

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