Laser Dentistry

Periodontal Laser Treatment

Improving Oral Health with Dental Lasers

Here at Govani Dental, we are committed to bringing our patients the highest standard of care. We aim to stay informed of new technology and procedures to better help our patients achieve their dental goals. We are excited to announce that we have recently integrated laser-assisted therapy into our dental office. Ask your clinician about this service at your next dental visit!

Laser Therapy Applications

Laser therapy can be used in dentistry for a wide variety of services. It’s a safe and conservative option for many patients. 

Improve dental hygiene and reduction of periodontal bacteria

Reduce bleeding, promote healing and remove excess tissue overgrowth

Reduce pain and promote faster healing of oral lesions such as canker sore and cold sores

Reduce sensitivity around teeth, exposed roots or other generalized regions of sensitivity

Laser-Certified Dental Hygienists

The laser is a minimally invasive and versatile tool in the dental industry, creating a more comfortable experience for our patients. It aids a greater accuracy, minimal bleeding, and promotes faster healing after your dental procedures. Laser wavelengths set at specific power levels can also effectively reduce bacteria because of their photo-thermal effect on the cell wall.

Dr. Govani will be able to incorporate laser therapy during your dental treatment needs. This will allow for better visibility of margins, excise tissue-specific areas of inflammation, and overall help to achieve optimal treatment outcomes with shorter recovery times. Our laser-certified dental hygienists and Oshkosh dentist may offer laser therapy options during your cleanings. This will help to better enhance your long-term periodontal health and reduce pocket depths that have worsened over time by bacteria.

It has been known for years that gum disease is caused by bacteria that attaches to the tooth surface and imbeds into your gums. Current treatment involves removal of plaque and calculus deposits on the teeth by using hand and ultrasonic instruments. Today with the addition of localized antibiotics called Arestin and Dental Lasers, we now have the ability to better treat gum disease by effectively reducing bacteria.

Benefits of Dental Laser Therapy

Laser Bacterial Reduction is a minimally invasive procedure and takes only a few minutes at the end of your appointment. 

Reduce oral bacteria. Chronic oral bacteria is known to enter the bloodstream. Scientifically, there has been a link found between oral bacteria and systemic diseases. Laser bacterial reduction (LBR) during your hygiene appointment will reduce bacteria.

Keep tissues in the mouth healthy for longer periods in between your routine appointments. Laser treatment following your cleaning will help prevent the fast repopulation of bacteria in your tissues.

Promote healing. Laser energy helps stimulate tissue healing both during and after your dental and hygiene appointments.

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