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Govani Dental offers the latest technological advancements in dentistry. Making your visits with us easier then ever before.

We are investing back into our patients by introducing the newest technology and providing the highest standard of care possible. Here are some of the latest dental technologies that Govani Dental uses:

  • Digital impressions-TRIOS handheld 3D scanner
  • Intra-oral cameras
  • Digital X-rays
  • State-of-the-art sterilization equipment

These tools allows us to consistently provide our patients with the most comfortable and convenient experience.

Digital impressions: TRIOS handheld 3D scanner

The new color wireless TRIOS handheld 3D scanner allows for more efficient, clean, and precise digital impressions. This state-of-the art scanner safely takes thousands of images per minute. This allows our Dr. Govani to better acquire important imaging and information needed to provide the highest standard of care possible.

Digital impressions use safe picture technology to capture a detailed 3D color image of a patient’s entire smile in as little as 30 seconds without the traditional impression material. Once the ‘scan’ is complete, it allows the dentist to get an accurate 3D representation of the patient’s mouth.

The TRIOS handheld 3D scanner is beneficial for patients who may be anxious or experience nervousness or discomfort with the taste and texture of traditional impression material. Most importantly, it takes less time than ever before and allows for:

  • Less gagging
  • Less discomfort
  • Shorter and less frequent visits
  • More accurate information

Want to learn more about digital impressions? Click here.

Intra-oral cameras

intraoral camera

All of the operatories at Govani Dental are equipped with state-of-the-art intra-oral cameras. An intra-oral camera allows us to give our patients a ‘tour’ of their mouth in real time. You’ll be able to see what we see.

The intra-oral camera is a great tool for our trusted doctors to diagnose tooth decay, cracked teeth and provide education to all our patients. The camera takes pictures, which can be brought up on the monitor to show our patients any discrepancies in their teeth or gums. The images taken can also be used to strengthen and offer full transparency with insurance claims.

Want to learn more about digital impressions? Click here.

Dental Technology-Govani Dental Oshkosh

Digital X-rays

Dental x-rays are an essential preventative and diagnostic tool that provides valuable information not visible during a regular dental exam.

  • Reduces patient exposure to radiation
  • Speeds up processing times
  • Can be displayed in the same room
  • Provides the highest standard of care


At Govani Dental, we have state-of-art sterilization equipment to maintain the highest level of sterilization possible.

  • Hydrim—A device used to wash and dry all instruments before starting the sterilization process.
  • Autoclave steam sterilization—All instruments are sterilized after every use, protecting your health.

All instruments used are properly washed, dried and sterilized in a hospital grade sterilizer, to better protect our patients and our staff.

Have questions about the dental technology we offer? Ask one of our trusted dentists at your next visit or call the office at 920-231-1955.

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