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Nicole Peters
20:04 06 Jan 20
Govani Dental is a wonderful place to go for all your dental needs. The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Every detail is explained to you before you leave and they will answer any questions you may have. Everytime I go to Govani Dental I feel welcomed to be there!
Matthew Rubin
16:20 22 Nov 19
Govani Dental does a great job at making the patient feel comfortable throughout the entire dental process including: scheduling of appointments, checking in and out and during dental care. As someone living outside of Oshkosh, Govani Dental does everything they can to schedule my appointments at times when I will be in the area. Dr Govani is extremely thorough and skilled in all they do. Moreover, the entire staff at Govani dental are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Govani Dental for all of your dental needs.
Matthew Rubin
16:20 22 Nov 19
Govani Dental does a great job at making the patient feel comfortable throughout the entire dental process including: scheduling of appointments, checking in and out and during dental care. As someone living outside of Oshkosh, Govani Dental does everything they can to schedule my appointments at times when I will be in the area. Dr Govani is extremely thorough and skilled in all they do. Moreover, the entire staff at Govani dental are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Govani Dental for all of your dental needs.
Kris Birky
02:47 20 Nov 19
Govani Dental is the BEST! Who loves going to see their dentist??? ME!!!! :)"
Katelyn Hess
00:48 20 Nov 19
Dr. Govani is very professional, honest, and trustworthy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Neil DeKarske
02:36 19 Nov 19
My experience with Govani Dental is they are thorough and pay attention detail. Would highly recommend!
Melissa Pingel
22:39 10 Oct 19
I love Dr. Govani and her fantastic staff! From the moment you call you know the person that answers the phone has a smile! I will continue to recommend Dr. Govani. Thank you so much for squeezing me in after I broke another filling! I appreciate the fact that one of the staff members stayed late for me to get in the same day (Haley). I know we all have busy lives and this office really cares about their patients and understands patients needs. Please thank Haley for me and thank you Dr. Govani for seeing me so quickly!
Bart Putzer
18:44 10 Oct 19
" As always, top-notch care that you can feel is sincere as soon as you walk in the door. Always greeting with a smile and making you feel like family. State-of-the-art equipment and a staff that's equipped with the latest training. If you're looking for a new home for dental care, make the call today!"
Melissa Blank
17:08 13 Jul 19
Dr. Govani and her team provide excellent care and dental recommendations. They really care about your complete dental health. The office team also goes above and beyond to explain insurance paperwork and coverage options. I do work for the Marketing firm that assists with Govani Dental's marketing. However, this is a personal review based on my experience as a patient at Govani Dental.
Dana Merriman
16:55 15 Jun 19
In childhood 50 years ago, I acquired a fear of the dentist due to some extractions that were badly performed (plus, I have a small mouth that makes me harder to work on). So, when I discovered I needed two crowns, I was considering sedation. I've been going to Govani Dental for several years, having known Dr. Govani since her college days and knowing first-hand about her integrity, so I decided to give it a go without medication. My first crown put me on Dr. Childs' schedule and it was, I'm happy to say, NO BIG DEAL! His gentle hands and demeanor, plus clear explanations by himself and the staff, were a part of what feels like a huge emotional adjustment in my life toward dental care. A relief! Also, they had just acquired some amazing new technology that imaged my mouth in 3D, so I got a "dentist's eye" picture of my mouth for the first time in my life. It was really impressive. High tech AND a family atmosphere.
Johanna Anderson
03:54 17 May 19
My husband is graduating from Marquette Dental School this year, and Dr. Govani has been so helpful for him over the past four years. As his mentor, she is always willing to take the time to help him with anything he is struggling with. Dr. Govani is very knowledgeable about dentistry and gives her mentees tips and tricks in an encouraging, non-condescending way. Although I haven't personally received dental care from Dr. Govani, I know from the many hours my husband has spent shadowing her that she is an excellent dentist, who treats her patients with genuine kindness and compassion. She is a big role model and has made such a positive impact on me and my husband's lives.
Jen O'Leary
14:16 07 May 19
I am a Dental Consultant and am in contact on a daily basis with several dental practices. Govani Dental goes above and beyond to provide an excellent patient experience. In addition, they take OSHA and HIPAA regulations very seriously to ensure their patients a safe, clean and professional environment. I strongly recommend this office.
Mark Anderson
01:26 07 May 19
Dr. Childs is excellent! I made the switch to Govani Dental a few years ago and I’m glad I did. Very friendly staff with thorough hygienists and doctors.
Jess Uecker
13:17 05 May 19
I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Govani Dental! Not only do they make me feel welcome, but they are kind and patient with my 2 year old twins. I was a little nervous taking my kids to the dentist for the first time, but the staff knew all the right things to do to work with my little monsters.
Christina Crook
12:14 12 Feb 19
Love everyone at Dr. Govani's office. They are extremely helpful and understanding with schedule changes, etc. Also, they care about their patients and making sure all of them are comfortable with the treatment plan. Keep up the great work!
Kate Miller
21:33 04 Feb 19
I would highly recommend Govani Dental. I have received excellent care during my recent implant procedure. The staff are highly skilled in their areas of expertise. They are a very caring, professional team that excel in all areas of dentistry.
Chris Franson
04:24 03 Feb 19
I've found Dr. Govani and all her staff to be extremely impressive. Everyone there is friendly, professional, and highly-skilled.Dr. Govani and my hygenist motivated me to floss more regularly, and I'm proud to report that I've been flossing for 956 consecutive nights!I have never felt this good about my dental hygeine, nor as confident in a dentist. I moved to Milwaukee but stayed with Govani Dental because of the excellent quality of care that I consistently receive from everyone there. Highly recommended.
JoBeth Schuler
04:43 01 Feb 19
Dr. Govani works very hard to make sure her patients are treated like family. It is very important to her that everyone be treated with the utmost professionalism, respect and understanding. She strives to offer her patients exceptional, reliable and compassionate care. She is the real deal. She will remember your name and what you were doing 6 months ago. If you don't want to be treated like a number then give Govani Dental a call.
Chris Reischl
15:53 15 Nov 18
When my dentist retired, I was afraid to go to someone new. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Govani Dental! They are so nice, and very professional! The hygienists have a very gentle touch, are very thorough, and are always concerned for the patients comfort. I would recommend Govani Dental to anyone looking for a dentist!
Kelly Sherman
00:05 15 Nov 18
Love Govani Dental!! At Govani Dental it's more than just dental care, they genuinely care about you. Govani Dental treats you like family. I recommend this place to anyone I know that needs a dental visit.👍👍
Christy Marquardt
15:45 14 Nov 18
Govani Dental is awesome. We have two children who love going to the dentist because everyone at Govani Dental takes such great care of us. Highly recommended!!
Heidi Kasuboski
23:18 13 Nov 18
This dental office works as complete team! The office staff is always kind,helpful,and cares about your needs as a dental patient. These could be emergencies , routine ,or just needing to change a appoinment for the third time they do it graciously.The dentist help each other making the visit run smoothly and giving you the best of two dentist should need be. The staff that work with Dr .Govani,and Dr Child's, are always well kept ,polite, skilled and well educated in the latest technology giving the patient the best cleanings and help during a dental procedure. I'm a person who has had enormous amounts of dental work in the past and continue needing it today in this clinic I came to three years ago and the work is top notch and I'm so satisfied I hope I never have to go elsewhere.
Anne Allmann
15:47 10 Nov 18
Dr. Govani and her team are so passionate and caring. They take time to share things that will impact my health not just today but years into the future. I appreciate that they always have my best interest at heart and feel blessed to be in their care! I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best care available!!
Theresa Rubin
01:02 10 Nov 18
My whole family goes here, including our 4-year-old. They are always timely and we've always been comfortable. My daughter has zero fear of the dentist thanks to Govan Dental!
Jamie O`Brien
16:44 21 Aug 18
I had recently had a tooth break and needed dental work on it. I called and was able to be seen that day, what a relief . Dr. Govani provided exceptional care and service to me. I am unable to lay flat and she managed to work around all my medical issues to fix my tooth. I have never experienced such professional care. I would recommend her to anyone in need or just for routine care. She is the greatest.. So glad I am her patient. Peggy O'Brien Oshkosh Wi.
Heidi Strand
23:40 06 Aug 18
Disclosure: Govani Dental is a client. That said, Dr. Govani is also my family's personal dentist. Both my daughter and I visit her regularly and have for several years. The team at Govani Dental is amazing! We always feel that nothing is missed and great care and professionalism is taken when checking on the health of our teeth. I feel blessed to have the team as our care provider and have the utmost faith in their recommendations.
Cindy Govani
23:22 30 Jul 18
I had tooth sensitivity for the last couple days. I told Dr Govani about it and said I could wait until my next appointment. She told me she would see if she could get me in today and I was seen and treated this afternoon. She knew I was hyper sensitive to pain and checked with me continually to make sure I was comfortable. Dr. Govani goes above and beyond, making sure her patients are comfortable and treated as gently as possible. Just like she would for her own mother...
Erika Valadez
12:37 26 Jul 18
I am blessed have known Dr. Govani since she started her practice. Being in the dental industry myself, I can be a real stickler and can honestly say Dr. Govani and her staff are the most kind, considerate, compassionate, understanding and thorough professionals I have ever met. The key to the perfect doctor patient relationship is communication and everyone at this office is above par on this skill. I can guarantee anyone visiting Govani Dental will love this place and their new bright smile. Thanks for all you do Govani Dental!
j karner
14:11 06 Jul 18
Our family has been seeing Dr. Govani since she opened her practice! She connects with our children, talks with them about their activities, school, health and well-being. She truly cares for them! I love that she discusses their exam and care with me on a very personal level. Her office hours are conducive and flexible to busy family schedules.
Shelli Tooke
14:08 25 Jun 18
I hate hate HATED the dentist my whole life, and actually avoided going if I could.. until I needed to. I had heard amazing thing about Dr Govani and her staff so I gave it a shot. How ironic is it that her office happened to be the same place with the same little log cabin that I went as a kid. (scary!!!) Let me tell you she put me right at ease. Starting with the receptionist Kelly, who has to be the nicest person in the world, to the hygienists and Dr Govani herself. She took her time, made sure I was comfortable and didn't rush. I would highly recommend Dr Govani to anyone looking for an amazing dental office!
21:12 22 Jun 18
Dr. Govani is hands down the best dentist in the area. She truly cares about her patients, and her dental knowledge show through her beautiful work. I’ve always been high anxiety with dentists, so when I first saw her my entire mouth needed work. She alone saved my teeth, and I can now eat and drink pain free. My boyfriend and daughter see her, and also have nothing but good to say. Kiddo just said today, “when do I get to see Dr. G again, Mom?” Beyond 5 stars~ Jen, Kyle & Leona
Heather Meyer
12:22 21 Jun 18
Dr Govani is the most caring and compassionate dentist I’ve ever been to. The staff is great all the way around! I went after not being to the dentist in years and Dr Govani put me at ease right away and never made me feel bad about the state of my smile. I suggest anyone and everyone to see Dr Govani!
Lisa Angell
03:53 19 Jun 18
I have been a patient at Govani Dental for several years. The office has grown, but the same outstanding level of patient care is present. Dr. Govani, Dr. Childs, and their staff are committed to treating patients kindly and educating them on their dental care and procedures. The customer scheduling and billing staff are exceptional as well.
Jordan Edwards
18:22 18 Jun 18
We loving going to the dentist! Years ago you would have never heard that coming out of my mouth! The staff here are great and so caring towards their patients. They always explain what they are doing and ask if you have questions. Kelly does an amazing job with making sure you understand the billing portion as well!
April Coe
15:35 18 Jun 18
If you're looking for a great dentist you should go here! Compassionate, gentle, thorough and kind. My daughter used to be afraid to go to the dentist. That changed when we started going to Govani Dental a few years ago! My family won't go anywhere else!
Taylor Kelley
23:47 17 Jun 18
Dr. Govani and her staff are always eager to answer my questions and give honest explanations. They've got such positive attitudes and ensure everyone is comfortable the duration of the visit. You can tell they throughly enjoy working for Dr. Govani, I would highly recommend!
Courtney Oakeson
23:42 30 Apr 18
I definitely recommend Dr. Govani. She is knowledgeable and takes time with her patients to make sure they fully understand everything. The dental hygienists are all positive and very thorough with cleanings!
Jenna LaFontaine
16:20 05 Apr 18
I had my recent visit with Dr. Govani and she always exceeds expectations, as I have been going to her since she has opened her practice. I am truly amazed every time I am there for a routine cleaning, and or if I have to have some minor work done. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Dr. Govani and her team. I trust her when it comes to my dental care, and what she would recommend.
Sarah Gantner
21:17 21 Dec 17
I was a patient of Dr. Tulip's before he retired & had high expectations for Dr. Govani because I loved Dr. Tulip. I have to say that everyone has exceeded my expectations! Everyone is so friendly, caring & professional! I love that Dr. Govani is so thorough, gentle & always explains what she's doing. I have a fear of the dentist, but they really help ease my mind with their caring nature & gentle touch! Kelly the receptionist (a title that doesn't seem adequate enough), is just a treat! I'd love to bottle up her cheeriness & give it to others! Keep up the great work!
Karen Oram
00:29 19 Dec 17
Everyone at Govani Dental is wonderful and professional. Kelly at the front desk is such a warm cheerful person, she always makes me smile. The staff and Dr. Govani are always very thorough and I appreciate the time they take with each appointment. I would trust my teeth to no one else!
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