How Can I Better Care for My Teeth

How Can I Better Care for My Teeth

Dr. Shaheda Govani:

“I’m often asked, “What can I do to take the best care of my teeth?”

I recommend brushing twice per day with an electric toothbrush. Now that’s my standard, I recommend that to all my patients. However, I do try to brush Ruby’s teeth with an electric toothbrush and it doesn’t always go so well. So whatever works the best and gets in there and gets the job done is great. The electric toothbrush is the best option though, it removes the most plaque.

Another common question is “How often should I be flossing, or should I floss at all?”

I recommend flossing every day, once per day to help remove plaque, food debris, and anything that might be trapped between the teeth where the tooth brush can’t reach. Flossing once per day, and making sure to brush all pink gum tissue, and the tongue and other structures in your mouth other than just the white teeth is important to keep the mouth healthy.

Do these simple steps at home and you will prevent dental disease.”

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