Helping Children Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Video Transcript

Dr. Shaheda Govani, DDS: Many times, children are a little bit afraid to come to the dentist. Many children go and have a well-baby visit with their doctor or they’ve had shots recently and so a lot of times we get them and they’re already thinking “Oh no, they’re going to trick me like the doctor did and I’m going to get shots or blood drawn.” The hygienists are really good about giving the kids choices, getting to pick their favorite flavor of polishing paste or showing them all the cool instruments and tools. We would never force  a child to do something they’re uncomfortable with. We try to create and foster an environment where they feel safe and that even if they’re a little scared, they can voice that. We want them to be in control. We want them to feel safe. We want them to know what’s coming next. It’s the most rewarding when a child can have internal confidence because they felt that they completed the treatment and it was fun and it felt safe.