Orthodontic Treatment

Why an orthodontic evaluation is so important

Dr. Shaheda Govani:

“When you hear the words ‘I’m in ortho’, what does that mean exactly? It means you have treatment that’s being provided by an orthodontist, someone who’s licensed to carry out the necessary treatment to make your teeth straight and in alignment.

I recommend adult ortho evaluation and treatment for a few reasons: when patients are struggling with the way they look, the way their teeth function when they’re chewing, or when they are saying that they have a lot of tension headaches and problems. Sometimes orthodontic evaluations can improve all those areas.

Ortho for children can be really beneficial. They may be a thumb sucker or hand sucker, and over time they had a growth of their palate that’s in a vault pattern. Sometimes orthodontic evaluations are needed and necessary to help improve the palatal formation at a young age.

We refer out to our trusted specialists. We work with Sawyer Creek Orthodontics, they’re wonderful, and also with Bright Orthodontics in town. Both offices are very good at patient care and are diligent about getting excellent outcomes.”

Why an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are trained individuals with the experience to fix many issues that can be corrected with braces or other oral appliances. They are qualified to diagnose, prevent and treat dental or facial irregularities. Orthodontic treatment may be needed to fix problems associated with misaligned or crooked teeth in both children and adults.

Do I need an orthodontic evaluation?

Your dentist may recommend an orthodontic evaluation for you or your child because of irregularities in the development of teeth, palate, soft tissue and bone in the mouth. It also may be recommended as a way to improve your bite or for cosmetic purposes. Govani Dental and your orthodontist will work together to build your confidence and improve your oral health.

What does orthodontic treatment correct?

Orthodontic appliances are used to promote proper jaw alignment and straighten teeth. They also have been shown to significantly improve:

  • Crowding and spacing
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Breathing, speech and airway issues
  • Facial growth imbalances

Each case is unique, so you may reduce future risks by seeing an orthodontist for a proper diagnosis. If you believe you need orthodontic assistance to improve your smile or oral health, please be sure to consult Dr. Govani for an appropriate referral.

Types of orthodontic appliances: Fixed vs. removable

Ortho appliances come in two types: fixed and removable. Fixed appliances, such as traditional braces, are not removed until treatment is completed. Removable appliances, such as an expander or Invisalign, can be removed when you eat or during cleanings.

Click here to learn more about the types of orthodontic treatment and appliances used to improve smiles for children and adults. It’s important to see an orthodontist to determine which appliance is best suited for your individual needs. 

Homecare in ortho

Taking care of your teeth at home may become more difficult when wearing orthodontic appliances. For example, food may get trapped in your appliance. Trapped food can lead to plaque build-up and put you at a higher risk for cavities. It’s important that you or your child brush after each meal and floss daily order to maintain a healthy smile.

If you are in ortho, we strongly encourage that you visit your dentist regularly for routine dental exams and cleanings. Sometimes, depending on tissue health we may recommend more frequent cleanings during ortho. This allows us to monitor any changes to your appliance or overall oral health and monitor your brushing and flossing.

Homecare after ortho

When orthodontic treatment is completed, you must follow your orthodontist’s instructions on how to properly care for your new smile. Your orthodontist will likely suggest a cleaning and exam with your dentist after orthodontic treatment is completed to ensure no concerns. We also recommend that you wear a removable retainer every night to prevent any shifting from occurring. We care deeply about your smile, so it’s important to follow the appropriate recommendations.

Working together – dentists and orthodontists

Straight teeth are much easier to clean and care for. Fixing these issues improves your overall oral health to help reduce cavities and costly dental work. If you are receiving or have completed orthodontic treatment, it’s important to work with your orthodontist and your general dentist to receive the best possible care. Show off that new smile by scheduling a cleaning online or call us at 920-231-1955.