Meet Govani Dental

Dr. Shaheda Govani of Govani Dental

I am Dr. Shaheda Govani and I work at Govani Dental. I opened my practice in 2010,  did a start-up right out of dental school. I got the idea that I wanted to do things differently and offer a really high standard of care in a more relaxed atmosphere. So, I decided to take the leap and do a start-up because I believed in the vision of offering compassionate, ethical, good care, but also providing it in a fun atmosphere.

So, I have a really awesome staff. I am picky about who I hire;  I want people to work here that want to be here long-term, and that are looking for more than just a job – not just punching in and punching out – people who want to give it their all and they like what they’re doing and they are feeling passionate about what they’re doing, and we make it fun.

The biggest thing I pride myself in, is when patience say either they didn’t know I gave them a shot because I’m telling them a story or they are laughing and they don’t even know what happened. Or, things like when the appointment is done and they say “Oh, that wasn’t so bad, I kind of want to come back and visit.” I like that demeanor. That they feel safe. They think it is almost fun. And, that they look forward or at least they are not afraid to come back. It is a big step for a lot of people.

Govani Dental Values

At Govani Dental we believe things should be done right the first time. We pride ourselves in developing lasting relationships. We offer the latest technology because we believe our patients deserve the very best and most current dental experience.  If you was looking for a dentist for your children’s dentistry or your whole family we are here to serve you. Dr. Govani loves doing cosmetic dentistry, surgery and implants to help restore your smile to its best yet. Dr.  Govani and her team are serious about providing the best dental experience possible. Visit our about page to learn more and take a tour of our office.

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Interested in joining the Govani Dental Family? We our accepting new patients and can bill your insurance. We are in network with Delta Dental and gladly will submit to other out of network insurances for you.  Visit our contact page or call us today 920-231-1955.