Dental Anxiety Relief

Meet our therapy dogs Ruby and Bobby

Dr. Shaheda Govani:

“I think the biggest thing the dogs do is kind of takes the patient’s mind off dentistry or whatever their anxiety or their embarrassment may be about their dental experiences in the past.

Ruby is the therapy dog that I have been training for a few years. She came to my house and joined my family in 2011. She’s getting to be an older pup now. She’s accredited with Therapy Dog Alliance out of Wyoming. She comes to work maybe a few times a month. But as she’s become a little older, she’s not quite as interested in being at the office all the time.

But now we just recently brought home a new puppy, Bobby, who, I think will be much more appropriate for therapy work. Because he’s very docile and he regularly can lay on his back and not be dominant.

Ruby has a little bit more domineering kind of personality. She’s stubborn like her mother. But Bobby is very docile. He loves coming to work. When he gets out of the car in the morning, he’s just pulling to come in. He is so excited to see everyone and greet everyone.

Overcome a fear of the dentist with our pet therapy program

At Govani Dental LLC, we understand that going to the dentist may be overwhelming, which is why we are pleased to promote our canine assisted therapy or pet therapy program. It helps patients overcome dental anxiety and ensures they’ll have an experience they will not forget.

Research has shown substantial evidence that canines can evoke positive emotions in humans. The presence of a therapy animal is strongly associated with improvements in mental, social and physiological status.

As a result, organizations working with children and people who live with anxiety use canines to help gain interest and build worthwhile connections. What other benefits does a pet therapy program provide in a dental setting?

Canine assisted therapy benefits patients in many ways. Physically it can lower blood pressure and reduces fear and anxiety. Many patients feel a sense of provided support and comfort.  in  addition,  this creates positive interactions, provides a welcoming distraction and increases happiness.

At Govani Dental LLC, we strive to provide a positive and comfortable environment for each patient, especially those who have fear of the dentist. Having a canine assisted therapy program allows patients to feel even more connected and feel less anxious in the office. Ruby and Bobby love to give children and adults something to truly smile about.

How to meet Ruby and Bobby

Ruby is available on select days or by patient request. As she matures, she has shown less interest in therapy work and enjoys working with patients a few times a month.

With Bobby being in training, he is at the office four days a week for socialization. He will be available to greet you before and after your appointment for head scratches or belly rubs. Once training is completed, Bobby will be ready to sit with you during your appointments. 

If you’d like to see if Ruby or Bobby are available for your next appointment, call the office at 920-231-1955. We are accepting new patients; Ruby and Bobby would enjoy meeting you. Please feel free to schedule your appointment with us online. Learn more about our pet therapy program with Ruby and Bobby, click here.