Fun Holiday Kid Projects and Activities

At Govani Dental we are always trying to come up with fun ideas. Here is our 2020 list (with links provided) of fun holiday kid projects and activities to keep your family busy during the time as home. We included some dental friendly food recipes and gift ideas as well!

Kid sledding down a hill.


Holiday Projects and Activities for Kids

Hands on Craft and STEM Ideas

Make a handmade book with a paper bag to have kids say what they are thankful for this holiday season or write and illustrate their own book. This also, can serve as a handmade gift idea for family relatives.

homemade books

Make a paper chain or paint popsicle sticks to countdown the days until Christmas. Each day write down a fun activity to do or a fun holiday fact.

homemade advent calendar

Do some at home science experiments.

skittles science experiment


Active Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

Make snow angels or go sledding.

family making snow angels

Build a snowman.

Build a fort in your house and cook their favorite camping food.

inside homemade fort

Have an indoor dance party.

Cook or bake a healthy food item together.

Go look at Christmas lights.

Outside Christmas lights


Healthy Holiday Food Recipes

Healthy Yogurt Parfait: Fun way to get everyone to incorporate more fruit into their diet while thinking it is a sweet treat.

healthy yogurt parfait

Cheesy Reindeer: Cheese is full of calcium to help support our bones and teeth.

reindeer cheese

Holiday or Valentine’s Day Skewers: Can also, use other holiday cut out designs depending on the occasion for a cute and fresh healthy snack.

heart shaped strawberry skewers


Fun and Healthy Gift Ideas

Oral B-electric toothbrush



Tongue Scraper

tongue scraper

(the 3 items listed above are available for purchase at Govani Dental for your convenience)

Whitening toothpaste with the ADA seal

crest 3-D whitening toothpaste

Mini hand sanitizer

mini hand sanitizer

Trident gum

Trident sugar free gum

Plain chocolate

squares of chocolate

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit

Healthy individual packaged snack (if having celebrations with friends or in person at school)

individual packaged snacks


Simple things matter

Be creative and make being home during this holiday season as fun and positive as possible. Even though this holiday season may be different remember we are all going through the same times. Don’t forget during these uncertain times to keep up with your dental care at home and routine visits with our office. Give Govani Dental of Oshkosh a call today to schedule your next visit.