Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Holiday Tips

Read below for healthy holiday tips to maintain overall physical and dental health during the upcoming holiday season. Lets work together to focus on all the things we are thankful for and giving this season. By taking good care of your health you can end the year with positivity. At Govani Dental of Oshkosh we care about you staying healthy and feeling your best.

Diet Healthy Tips

Here are some easy dietary tips to help you and your family stay on track this holiday season. By using these easy modifications you can feel in control while still enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Limit your sweet intake

This includes candies, cookies, candy canes, etc. Try to choose snacks that don’t stick to your teeth such as fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese. If that holiday dessert is a must eat, enjoy it with your main course meal to help reduce cavities or choose plain chocolate.

Fresh fruit


Rinse with water

Water is the most healthy drink choice of all. Rinsing with water after eating higher risk cavity causing foods will help keep bacteria away from your teeth.

Water pouring into glass.


Chew sugarless gum

Choose a sugarless gum to help curb hunger and naturalize acid after eating. Gum may help increase saliva flow to reduce bacteria. This may also help if drinking alcohol to reduce dry mouth.

Trident sugar free gum


Wait 30 minutes to brush and floss

It is helpful to wait after eating sugary snacks and acidic drinks such as wine, juice, or eggnog. This way the acid neutralizes before brushing versus brushing the acid all over your teeth.

Brush 2 times a day for the full 2 minutes with a fluoridated toothpaste and floss daily to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Prevention of disease is the key to success.


Make time for healthy routines

By implementing some healthy routines you and your family can enjoy the holidays and still feel your best. Simple routines can give us a healthy sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Stress Reduction

Incorporate stress decreasing routines such as yoga, meditation, deep tissue massage to help manage your stress. Taking time for a few deep breathes and pausing before speaking can help during stressful times over the holidays.

yoga meditation



Sleep  is the best medicine! A good nights sleep can help to have a better physical and mental outlook. Make sure to get plenty of sleep here are the CDC recommendations.

Woman getting sleep.


Keep Moving

Maintain physical activity of any kind.  For example, walking with your family, doing a online workout class or challenging your neighbor to meet you for an outside workout. Our mind and bodies feel better with movement.

Family walking in the woods.


Hand Hygiene

Wash your hands often and follow the CDC guidelines of social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses this  holiday season.

Man washing his hands.


Skip Smoking

Be tobacco free to reduce risk of periodontal disease and oral cancers. Not only will your oral health be better, but your body will also thank you.

stop smoking


Don’t be a Tool

Your teeth are not tools please do not use them to open gifts, chew ice cubes or open bottles. By using your teeth only as intended you can prevent chipping or fractures.

Man opening bottle with teeth


Make Time

Remember to make time for you and to relax! Stay positive during these uncertain times, we are in this together! As your dental home we are here to help you with any questions you may have. Together we can maintain routine dental care to prevent disease progression. Give us a call at 920-231-1955 for your next dental visit or contact us.