Halloween Dental Tips

October 17, 2019

How to prevent cavities after eating candy

It’s almost Halloween— little goblins’ favorite time of year! For parents and dentists, Halloween may seem like a sugary nightmare. The truth is, it is a great time to teach your kids healthy choices and how to prevent cavities after eating candy. So, before your children set off for the streets, check out our 9 Halloween dental tips and tricks to help manage your child’s sweet tooth.

9 Halloween dental tips and tricks

Eat a well-balanced meal: Eating a well-balanced meal before trick-or-treating helps avoid the temptation of snacking on candy throughout the night.  

Snack in moderation: Moderation is key. Try saving candy consumption for after dinner and limit how much candy your children eat. Your child will look forward to this time and won’t even know they are practicing healthy habits.

Avoid a sticky situation: Sticky or hard candies do the most harm to your child’s teeth. Candies like taffy or gummy bears stick to teeth and make it harder for saliva to break down the candy. This increases the risk of tooth decay.

Choose chocolate: Yes, chocolate (in moderation), melts quickly and can easily be rinsed away, making it the most desired treat by dentists.

Drink water: After eating candy, have your kids drink water to help wash away some of the sugar that may be stuck on their teeth.

Chew sugar-free gum: The American Dental Association® (ADA) recommends chewing sugar-free gum after meals to help minimize plaque. Chewing gum causes the salivary glands to produce more saliva, which helps remove food particles and plaque from teeth. Consider giving out sugar-free gum instead of candy this Halloween.

Have fun with disclosing tablets: A disclosing tablet is a chewable tab that reacts to plaque using a harmless dye. It will turn your child’s teeth a bright color and is a fun way to detect any troubling areas when they brush. It’s important to follow the package instructions and review the ingredients in case your child has any allergies. If you have any concerns, feel free to consult one of our trusted dentists.

Swap candy for toys: Children love candy, but they also love toys. Swapping out some of their Halloween treats in exchange for a toy is a fantastic way to keep your child’s teeth happy and healthy.

Brush and floss: Make sure your children brush and floss before they go to bed. Parents should help any children under 7 years old brush hard-to-reach places. It’s also important that they brush twice a day, floss daily and try incorporating an ADA-approved oral mouth rinse for extra protection.

Have fun this Halloween

This Halloween should be filled with fun and spooky costumes. And while the season’s festivities will soon end, keeping our teeth happy and healthy never does. Following these 9 easy Halloween dental tips and tricks will help you and your child have a beautiful smile for many Halloweens to come. For more on how to prevent cavities after eating candy, or if you need to make an appointment, call the office at 920-231-1955.

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